Air-Cooled Scroll Modular

  • Airstack® air-cooled modules are available in a wide range of capacities and with tandem scroll compressor sets to create chillers with a 10 to 600 ton capacity.
  • Modular design makes adding capacity as easy as purchasing and installing more modules.
  • Numerous options including specialty coatings, stainless steel construction and various control interfaces, make it easy to meet specific customer needs including ducted and sound-sensitive applications.
  • Ideal for limited space installations, including single-side access for airflow and/or service.
  • Suitable for constant and variable flow applications (with optional accessories).
  • Can be factory packaged and shipped on skids with the following accessory modules as an option to include: pumps, strainers, air separators, glycol feeders, storage tanks, expansion tanks and chemical pot feeders.



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