Air-to-Water Scroll Modular Heat Recovery

  • Modular heat pumps with air-cooled condensers are available in 20 to 60 ton capacities.
  • 30 ton module available with envelope expanding injection scrolls enabling hot water production to 0F ambients.
  • Operates in dedicated heat recovery, cooling or heating modes.
  • Can be matched with ASP cooling-only modules to provide heat recovery with an air-cooled chiller.
  • Integrated auxiliary air-cooled condenser handles unneeded heat without a well field or heat sink.
  • High effective COP helps ensure low operating expense, fast payback, and small carbon footprint.
  • Units feature full four-pipe operation with a brazed plate condenser sized for full heat rejection — providing 4-6 times more heat than a desuperheater.
  • ECM fans standard providing super-quiet operation with multiple additional options for sound sensitive applications.
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