Multistack’s mission is to build and develop HVAC equipment that supports the transition from fossil fuels through electrification. We’re focused on energy efficiency and heat recovery and pioneered the concept of the dedicated heat recovery chiller. A natural extension of that mission was to develop a portfolio of fixed plate energy recovery ventilators (ERV) that reduce outside air heating and cooling loads by recovering energy from the building exhaust. AuraGreen’s total energy heat exchanger recovers both sensible and latent heat for great performance in any environment. The simple fixed plate core has no moving parts so you can count on years of reliable operation with minimal maintenance costs. Our ERV’s feature double-wall cabinet construction and can be customized for your application. Optional direct drive EC fans and free-cooling bypass dampers provide even greater energy savings.

AuraHEPA portable air purification units improve indoor air quality using true HEPA 99.97% efficient air filters to remove dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, viruses and air-borne pathogens from the airstream and provide clean, purified air to the space.  Smaller units are sized for classrooms and offices while the large units fit larger spaces or may be ducted to multiple rooms. Some sizes are available with UV lights for added protection.

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