Configurable Package Air-Cooled
MagLev® Flooded

  • Available in 60 to 450 ton capacities.
  • Select the optimal combination of compressors and coil/fan count to deliver your choice of highest efficiency, lowest cost, or best value.
  • Available MagLiftTM hi-performance refrigerant pump expands the operational envelope by enabling lower pressure ratios and unheard of efficiencies. Eliminates need for water-side economizer.
  • Near water-cooled efficiencies at air-cooled conditions with unprecedented part-load performance.
  • MagLev technology offers a near-frictionless two-stage variable speed centrifugal compressor for maximum efficiency at all load conditions.
  • Oil-free design eliminates performance degradation and ensures sustainable, documentable performance over the life of the chiller as well as reduced maintenance.
  • Flooded evaporator for maximum full-load and ultra-low-load efficiency.
  • FlexSys® Controls for real-time chiller optimization and maximized system efficiency.
  • State-of-the-art EC condenser fans deliver quiet, ultra-efficient operation — a perfect complement to the virtually silent MagLev compressor.
  • Available as air-cooled condensing unit that can be matched with one or more DX evaporators.
  • Optional integrated water-side economizer free cooling or refrigerant free cooling.


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