No need for modular? Multistack offers multiple packaged air-cooled and water-cooled solutions with focuses on energy efficiency and reliability.

Today, the air-cooled packaged scroll line includes options from as small as 3 tons for process loads with both fixed and variable speed scroll compressor options, to as large as 195 tons for more traditional comfort cooling. The air-cooled MagLev® line offers solutions range from 75 to 300 tons with both ultra and high efficiency designs. Customizable options include integral free cooling, low sound accessories, coil coatings, and numerous other options to fit a variety of customer needs.

On the water-cooled side, whether it be a low cost, efficient scroll compressor solution or the ultra-efficient magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor, Multistack has the product line to satisfy even the most stringent project requirements for process loads to entire chiller plants. Sizes range from 3 to 80 tons for fixed and variable speed scroll compressor options, and 60 tons to 1,700 tons for MagLev solutions.

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