Aura HEPA + UV

High Efficiency Airborne Infection
Air Filtration Units

  • High capacity and high efficiency airborne infection air filtration units.
  • Portable all aluminum stand alone or ducted, 120/1/60 plug in power connection.
  • Variable speed control of up to 1800 CFM of air handling for high air change recirculation or negative pressure isolation rooms.
  • Free flow top air inlet and field switchable free flow floor or ducted clean air exhaust connection for negative pressure applications.
  • Up to 4 or 6 inlet connections for multi classrooms applications.
  • Up to 1800 CFM.
  • Fully modulating ECM fan.
  • MERV 8 pre-filter.
  • High capacity, long service life V-bank Gel Seal frame HEPA filters rated at 99.99% @ 0.30 microns.
  • Easy to maneuver lockable casters .
  • 12 feet cord with plug.
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