Scroll Modular Chiller or Heater

  • Dual scroll compressor modules of 10 to 85 tons.
  • Quad scroll compressor modules of 105, 135, 145, and 165 ton capacity are also available and may be mix-matched to create chillers of up to 1,320 ton capacity.
  • With cooling, heating, and simultaneous, modes available, Multistack VME II® chillers offer numerous advantages in efficiency, simplicity, ease of installation, reliability, redundancy, and cost.
  • VME II eliminates reversing valves, increasing simultaneous load efficiency by up to 30%.
  • VME II operating algorithm automatically matches building heating and cooling load requirements by closing and/or opening the appropriate VME II valves–maximizing efficiency.
  • True-Variable™ speed scrolls available for 10 to 50 ton modules.
  • On-board modulating valves provide precise temperature and head pressure control.
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