Central Plant Controller

MultiPRO is a state-of-the-art solution to your BAS needs. This central plant controller is optimized to make every part of your facility’s mechanical room run most efficiently. Using intelligent sequencing and field proven algorithms, MultiPRO is capable of learning and choosing from a set of predetermined paths which route will run your machines most efficiently and safely all while maintaining comfort levels.

Features of MultiPRO include:

  • Intelligence sequencing.
  • Optimized for better internet security.
  • Remote monitoring so you can check the status of your building from anywhere.
  • Makes use of built-in Multistack logic to keep your building efficient.
  • Can be coded for any building system, set-up or structure.
  • Gives maintenance warnings so that you can keep your building running smoothly.
  • Built-in diagnostics allow for the analysis of your building’s data in real-time.
  • Easy to use dashboard for monitoring performance.
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