MagLev Water-Cooled

In a world that confuses real technology with trendy gadgets, product performance can only be verified with AHRI certified performance. Multistack® MagLev® flooded chillers have been designed from the ground up to lead  the industry in performance, reliability, redundancy, and serviceability. 

MagLev flooded chillers are available from 70- through 1,200-Tons with a wide variety of compressor combinations and always with the powerful FlexSys® controls platform.  FlexSys is the only control system in the world that is capable of controlling mix-matched magnetic levitation compressors on the same refrigeration circuit.  In other words, it seeks out the optimal combination of loading using non-identical compressors for maximum efficiency.  Our design engineers are able to specify that the most efficient compressor size is utilized at the most appropriate point in the operational envelope.

Of course, you accrue all the benefits of magnetic levitation technology  including high efficiency, oil-free operation, and extreme quietness.

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