MagLev Air-Cooled Chiller

Cutting Edge Performance

  • Available in 10 sizes from 75 to 250 Tons and two efficiency tiers
  • Near water-cooled efficiencies at air-cooled conditions with unprecedented part-load performance. Full-load kW/Ton of less than 1.00 possible
  • MagLev technology offers a near-frictionless two-stage variable speed centrifugal compressor for maximum efficiency at all load conditions
  • Oil free design eliminates performance degradation and ensures sustainable, documentable performance over the life of the chiller as well as reduced maintenance
  • Flooded 4-pass evaporator provides low-flow turndown at extreme efficiency levels

FlexSys Lite Controls

  • Real time chiller optimization with Natural Progression Controls™
  • Robust industrial grade computing hardware
  • Onboard memory allows trending of over 100 points in 5 second intervals for up to 2 years of data logging
  • Standard chilled-water pump control

Super Quiet Operation

  • Total sound signature of 72 dB(A) at 30 feet (ASP095F)
  • MagLev compressor itself is virtually silent
  • State-of-the-art ECM fans deliver quiet and
    ultra-efficient operation… the perfect complement
    to the MagLev compressor
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