Why Modular?

Future Expandability

With Multistack you can add capacity either next week or next year with no cost penalty. Not sure of the building load? Multistack’s expandable design allows you to be conservative with sizing yet expand it later without penalty. Got a process that will grow in the future? Install what you need today and add modules when the timing is right!

Low Charge

Multistack modular systems are nearly always compliant with ASHRAE 15 and CSA B52 because of the micro-charge of refrigerant. That means that ventilation, monitoring, and SCBA equipment will probably not be required. This eliminates a significant cost and installation delay usually associated with chiller replacements in older buildings.

Installation Accessibility

Multistack was originally designed as a solution for problem chiller changeouts. For example, a chiller was initially installed in the sub-basement or penthouse when the building was built and now it’s time to install a new chiller. How do you get the old chiller out? And further, how do you get the new chiller in? Traditionally this is accomplished with a cutting torch for the old equipment and extensive dismantling of the new. Both alternatives can be dangerous and expensive. Multistack’s modular approach means that new modules can fit through doorways and onto elevators for the trip to the equipment room. Old equipment can be abandoned in place if necessary. Multistack can provide 70 tons in as little as 10 square feet per module.

Low Maintenance

Multistack modular chiller systems lack the complexity of conventional large chiller systems so service is often less demanding and less costly. Modular systems require no oil changes and no eddy current analysis; simply keep the water clean and treated.

Low Sound

Multistack modular chiller systems are inherently quieter than conventional chiller systems. Multistack uses a variety of techniques to insure quietness, these include specially selecting compressors for the application and utilizing the trademark Multistack panel system. The most discerning customers in the world have selected Multistack modular chillers for their custom homes and critical medical and business applications.


N + 1 redundancy for a conventional system is usually another chiller of equal capacity. For Multistack N + 1 is simply one more module rather than an additional separate chiller system. This makes N + 1 a much more affordable proposition. Also, because of the compartmentalized nature of a modular system, the risk of failing enough components to lose control of the load is very small.

Stock/Speed of Delivery

Multistack’s unique approach to business, that of placing customer needs above all else, means that Multistack modular chiller systems are available to ship worldwide on very short notice. This is accomplished by maintaining an inventory of the most popular modules and by perfecting the ability to change production schedules at a moment's notice. This makes it possible to satisfy virtually any emergency shipping requirement. Contact your local Multistack representative for more information.

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